Tribute to Chinua Achebe

Tuesday April 23
Spector Lounge (H Building, 4th floor) 

The great Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe died this month at the age of 82.  (See his obituary.)  Many of us have read and taught his most famous novel, Things Fall Apart, in our literature classes.  Some of us have read his other works.  His influence on world literature, on other writers, and on millions of students was immense.  The English Department at LIU-Brooklyn would like to pay tribute to him with a reading of excerpts of his work. 

We invite and encourage faculty, students, and any others at LIU who are interested to participate in this reading.  If you would like to read aloud a short excerpt of Achebe’s work—either one of your own choosing, or one that can be selected for you—please contact Harriet Malinowitz at

Please pass this invitation on to students in your classes, and if possible, offer them extra credit to attend the event.  Also, please feel free to recommend to me a favorite passage from Achebe’s work that you would like to read or hear read.

Even if you don’t want to read aloud, please join us for this celebration of a brilliant author’s life.


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