English Club Organizational Meeting

We recently held our first English Major Orientation. Thank you to those of you who were able to attend. We had a very nice time hanging out and getting to know you guys a little better.

One of the purposes of the orientation was to find out from students what kinds of events they think would help to build camaraderie between English majors.  One was to have an event for liberal-arts students to get together and share their creative work -- whether writing or visual art or something else. Since then, we have been calling it “show and tell” (but that name’s not set in stone). At any rate, we’re going to go ahead and move on the idea and have such an event this semester!

Another idea that came upwas to revive the English Club. If we can get at least fifteen students to join, we can be recognized as an official student club by Student Activities, and we’ll get some funding, which can go toward events, such as the abovementioned “show and tell” event, or field trips to attend poetry readings or theatrical performances, or career-oriented events such as visits to talk with potential employers of English majors.

An English Club would need to elect people to serve as officers, so in addition to the networking opportunities to be gained from English-Club membership, some of you could also gain some leadership and administrative experience, which would look great on your résumés.

We’re having an organizational meeting on Wednesday, March 6, at 3pm, in the Spector Lounge, here in the English Department. The purpose of this meeting is to set up the English Club and plan the first “show and tell” event, which we’d like to schedule for some time in April.

At 4PM that same day, Career Services is holding an event that should be of great interest to English majors. It’s a panel discussion about career opportunities in the book-publishing industry. We strongly encourage you to attend this event, which is why we’ve scheduled our own meeting for right beforehand, so we can go together from one to the other. No time like the present to start acting like a Club!  Read more about the panel discussion here.

Please let us know if you can attend the organizational meeting at 3pm on March 6.

If you can’t make the meeting time but ARE interested in helping to reform and in joining the English Club, let us know that, too!

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