Bernard Schweizer Announces Inaugural Conference of the Society for Heresy Studies

Professor Bernard Schweizer (English Department) is a driving force behind this two-day conference taking place May 30 & 31 at NYU.

Please check out the attached flyer for some highlights, including keynote addresses by James Wood, Rebecca Newberger Goldstein, and Thomas J.J. Altizer.

Professor Schweizer will be presenting “Comedy as Heresy: The Curious Case of the Theology of Laughter.”

More information, including all abstracts and exact location.

Article by Nino Gulli on Time and Tense

The newest issue (Vol. 65, No. 3) of Linguistik Online, a peer-reviewed web journal of linguistics, opens with the article, "The Simple Past Puzzle: A Study of Some Aspects of the Syntax and Semantics of Tense" (originally written in 1999) by Nino Gulli, adjunct professor of English.


Our Mutual Estate 2014
Reimagining the English Classroom
Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Keynote Address

Tina Chang (Brooklyn Poet Laureate) -- "Sensual Hybrid: Poems for a New Generation"


Teaching Cultural Studies: Adventures in Globalized Media
Jonathan Haynes, Professor of English, LIU
Suzane Thomas, Assistant Principal of Instruction, Cobble Hill School of American Studies

Teaching Writing
Lynn Hassan, Associate Writing Center Director, LIU
Tiffany DeJaynes, Research Teacher Writing Center Director, Millennium Brooklyn High School

Teaching Creative Writing
Felice Belle, Adjunct Assistant Professor English, LIU
Karen Bonnick, Assistant Principal of English, Manhattan Center for Science and Math

Teaching Nonfiction: Honoring and Engaging All Voices
Deborah Mutnick, Professor of English, LIU
Karen Andronica, Assistant Principal of English, Lehman High School

Teaching With Technology
Melissa Antinori, Assistant Director of Writing, LIU
Maria Moccia, English Teacher, Cobble Hill School of American Studies

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One Foot Out the Door: The Collected Stories of Lewis Warsh

Annual Awards Ceremony (2014 Edition)

Please join us in congratulating this year's graduates and award winners! The English Department's Annual Awards Ceremony will be held as follows:

Wednesday, May 7, 2014
3:30-4:30 PM
Robert Spector Lounge
Fourth Floor
Humanities Building


May 2014

Samiah Aljahmi, BA
Shawn Bartee, MA
Chia Lun Chang, MFA
Justin Gioia, BA
Joanna Gonzalez, BA
Christine Grausso, MA
Dargreeny Jean, BA
Joshua Lamore, BA
Daniel Owen, MFA
Evan Thomas, MFA
Shereen Vincent, BA

January 2014

Anthony Eid, MA
Elena Fabiankovic, BA
Michael Grove, MFA
Tiani Kennedy, MFA
Julianne Lavalle, MFA
Steven Rice, MA
Shari Seraneau, MFA
Laurel Schumacher, MA
Tina Thompson, MFA

September 2013

Felice Belle, MFA
Keeley Ibrahim, BA
Jacob Matkov, MA
Carla Reneau, BA
Elizabeth Ruiz, BA
Nicole Sampson, MA


Justin Gioia
Joanna Gonzalez
Keeley Ibrahim
Joshua Lamore
Jacob Matkov
Evan Thomas


The Edward Edelman & Susanne Popper-Edelman English Essay Prizes

Best Essay in a Developmental Freshman Writing Course

Yu June Lee, "Yu June Lee and the Treacherous Four-Laned Road," Professor Morgan Schulz

Best Essay in a Sophomore Core Literature Course

Edward Greene, "'A Terrible Lump of Coal in the Burning Street': The Imagery of Protest," Professor Michael Bennett

Best Essay in an Upper-Division English Course

Sydney Boles, "Catch 22: Literacy Education and the Public in Jefferson High School," Professor Deborah Mutnick

The Elaine Spielberg Award

Yu June Lee

The Excellence in English Award


Justin Gioia
Joanna Gonzalez
Keeley Ibrahim
Joshua Lamore


Felice Belle
Christine Grausso
Michael Grove
Tiani Kennedy
Julianne Lavalle
Jacob Matkov
Daniel Owen
Laurel Schumacher
Evan Thomas

The Louis &  Ann Parascandola Graduate Award

Daniel Owen
Jacob Matkov

The Esther Hyneman Graduate Awards in Poetry & Fiction

Poetry Award: Chia Lun Chang Poetry Finalist: Jacob Matkov
Fiction Award: Daniel Owen
Fiction Finalist: Kimarlee Nguyen

The Liang & Bernard Schweizer Graduate Thesis Award

Christine Grausso, "Magic Mirrors and Evil Queens: Power, Possibilities of Vision and a Phenomeno-logical Analysis of Queer Representation in Once Upon a Time."

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