A Play by Yani Perez

A new play by Yani Perez (Creative Writing MFA alum) will be performed in August, at New Perspectives Theatre Company's Women’s Work Short Play Festival (August 4-9).

Now in its 7th year, each Short Play Festival is created in NPTC’s Women’s Work LAB, in which a theme is given to new members in February and resident directors collectively dramaturge the scripts and bring them to production quality. The festival then provides the critical development tool of putting scripts on their feet fully rehearsed in a bare bones production.

Go here for ticket information, directions to the theatre, and a full schedule of performances.

Here's the description of Yani's play...

God Don’t Exist for Girls From Brooklyn

Global violence against girls is no surprise, but are we capable of confronting it in our own backyard? Two sisters from Brooklyn get a terrible lesson that far too many girls around the world already know.

Jamey Jones News & Call for Submissions

MFA alum Jamey Jones recently accepted a full time position as an English Instructor at Pensacola State College, where he is teaching composition and early American literature. 

In other news, Jamey was recently named to a three-year post as the Poet Laureate of Northwest Florida. An induction ceremony will take place in October, but he has already made his first official appearance at a recent open mic reading hosted by the Women's Studies Collective at the University of West Florida (UWF).

Jamey passes along a call for submissions to the first issue of Feminist Spaces, an online journal being inaugurated this year by the UWF Women's Studies Collective.