Civil Rights in Brooklyn: Stories of Struggle and Protest

Please join us at the Brooklyn Historical Society [BHS] this Sunday, November 20, 2011 from 2-4 PM for a program on Civil Rights in Brooklyn: Stories of Struggle and Protest,  planned in conjunction with the Pathways to Freedom learning community that English-Department Professors Michael Bokor, Sara Campbell, and Deborah Mutnick are teaching this semester.

Please pass this information along to anyone you think might find the program interesting. 
All BHS events are free during the three years of our partnership with the Society to anyone with an LIU ID.

Fifty years ago the freedom riders rode interstate buses into the segregated South to test the Supreme Court ruling against Jim Crow laws. Those riders traveled the roads of Mississippi and Tennessee, but how did the civil rights movement play out on the streets of Brooklyn? How did freedom ride into local neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, government, and arts and culture? A panel of activists will address Brooklyn as a site of struggle and protest, followed by audience “talk back” with more stories and Q&A. Attendees will be invited to tell their own stories about the civil rights movement, past and present. This program is free with museum admission.

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