Africana Studies Courses Spring 2012 & Summer 2012

Spring 2012

Black Female Creativity
Humanities 181: T/TH 4:30-5:45
Prof. Carol Allen: 3 credits

This course explores black female creativity across disciplines. The aim of the course is to construct potential theories of black female creativity. That is: determine if black women share any common impetuses (historical, biological and/or cultural) that compel them to make artistic products that comprise a tradition of works. We begin by examining theories of black female creativity from several perspectives including that of Alice Walker and Ntozake Shange along with contributions from the likes of Monique Wittig and Robert Farris Thompson. Then we study a variety of primary texts from literature (novel, poem and play); art (photography, textiles, and mixed media pieces); oratory (sermon and speech); and performance (music, fashion, dance, drill teams and jump rope). Required texts include Flash of the Spirit, Beloved, and handouts. Assignments include informal writing, midterm, final exam, and recovery project with presentation. Prerequisite: English 16

Male in America: Black, White, Straight and Gay 
Humanities 183: Wed. 6:00- 8:00
Profs. Eric Lehman and Orlando Warren: 3 credits:

This course explores the American male from multiple vantage points in text, film, art, and music. Prerequisite: English 16

Femme Fatales and Women of Color
Independent Study, Tues. 6:00-8:00
Prof. Orlando Warren: 718 488-1053: 3 credits

In the film noir genre the femme fatale is the epitome of irreverence, ambiguity, and, fear. Prerequisite: English 16

African Cultures
Anthropology/Sociology 133: Tues. 12:00-2:30
Prof. Yusuf Juwayeyi: 3 credits

no description provided

Race in the Americas
Anthropology/Sociology 512: M 6:10-8:00
Prof. Halbert Barton: 3 credits

The course focuses on how culture and history shape the experience of racial categories in the Americas. Prerequisites: Intro. to Anthro. and instructor’s permission.

Summer I: 2012

African American Narrative Fiction
English 150: M/W 2:00-4:50
Prof. Carol Allen: 3 credits

This course looks at fictional and nonfictional narrative accounts by African American writers from the Slave Narrative to Barack Obama’s recent autobiography. Prerequisite: English 16

Black Women in Cinema 
Independent Study, TBA: 3 credits
Prof. Orlando Warren: 718 488-1053

This course will focus on Black women in film from the mid 1930’s to the mid 1970’s. Prerequisite: English 16.

Contact Professor Carol Allen (English Department) at or 718 488-1053 for more information these courses and/or about the Africana Studies minor program.

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