New Faculty Member, Thomas Peele, Will Start in September 2011

We are pleased to announce that the administration has approved the department’s recommendation to hire Thomas Peele for our new position in Writing and Rhetoric, with a specialty in Writing Program Administration. There were many excellent candidates for the position, but Dr. Peele proved to be outstanding in every area: teaching, administrative skill, and research.

The department owes many, many thanks to the hiring committee for its excellent work in considering over 100 applicants and conducting extensive interviews via Skype and on campus. Kudos to committeemembers Patricia Stephens (chair), Deborah Mutnick, Harriet Malinowitz, Mike Bokor, and Bob Pattison.

We believe Dr. Peele will be a fine addition to the English department. He has served as Associate Director of the Writing Program at Boise State University for the last five years and as Director of Rhetoric and Composition for the last two years. He has years of experience as a successful administrator-scholar who has taken thelead in using data from Outcomes Assessment initiatives to envision and re-shape programs accordingly. He worked in collaboration with others to create a Stretch program for Basic Writing Students (a potential model for students at LIU-Brooklyn). He has built a successful partnership with librarians at Boise State, and he has successfully and thoughtfully incorporated digital media into much of his work as a teacher.Finally, he will bring exceptional expertise in the area of Digital Humanities, just as Writers Wing gets off the ground.

Dr. Peele’s research interest in cultural studies and digital literacy inform both his administrative work and his teaching. He has published widely on topics related to “heteronormativity” in composition studies and popular culture. He is the editor of collection of essays, Queer Popular Culture: Literature, Media, Film, and Television (Palgrave McMillan 2007).

Since Dr. Peele is giving up tenure to come to LIU, he will begin as an Associate Professor with the opportunity to apply for tenure in five years.

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Peele to the English Department at the Brooklyn Campus!

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