English Department Annual Awards Ceremony

We will hold our annual Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, May 4, from 5-6 PM, in the Robert Spector Lounge on the 4th Floor of the Humanities Building.

The faculty will present awards to undergraduate and graduate students including the Excellence in English Award, the Edward Edelman & Susanne Popper-Edelman English Essay Prizes, the Esther Hyneman Graduate Awards in Creative Writing, the Henning Award, the Parascondola Award, and the Schweizer Award. New Sigma Tau Delta inductees will also be announced.

Please join us to congratulate our award winners, whose names will be added to this post after the ceremony.


Excellence in English
Undergraduate: Robin Renahan, Felicia Reynolds
Graduate: Emily Drabinksi, Christine Francavilla, James Jones, Mary Walker

Edward Edelman and Suzanne Popper-Edelman English Essay Prizes
Developmental Composition: William Donohue
Freshman Composition: Irina Braynina
Core Literature: Robyn Amina Heckstall
Upper Division: Melissa Martinez

Esther Hyneman Awards
Fiction: Gulay Isik, Lisa Rogal
Poetry: Tony Iantosca, Mary Walker

Louis and Ann Parascandola Graduate Award
Christine Grasso

Schweizer Award
Emily Drabinksi

Sabrina Ali, Alanna Dawkins, Natacha Gordon, Pavel Goriacko, Keeley Ibrahim, Melissa Martinez, Lara Martinez, Yekaterina Mutylina, Asja Karola Parrish, Allison D. Paul, Katiana Sylvain, Lindsey Walker, Benson Weekes, Oleg Yankelevich

Congratulations, everyone!

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