New books from Andrea Clark Libin, John High, and Michael Sohn!

Three former beloved members of our department have books forthcoming from Wet Cement Press! Andrea Clark Libin, John High, and Michael Sohn created hybrid works, "each mixing writing and visual art in a unique way."

Please see below for book covers and visit the Wet Cement Press website for information on ordering.

“A living, breathing, hybrid work unlike anything I've ever read—an orphan's notebook exhumed from the Moscow station and entrusted to your own red heart. An astonishing evocation of the subterranean universe of childhood, at once devastating and inspiring, a young girl's yearning for the world she's lost, for fresh strawberries, her birth name, and love; a fractured song of forgetting and remembering, and a testament to the death-defying power of art. ” —Karen Russell, author of Orange World and Other Stories and a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in Fiction.

“the hurricane’s eye of feeling, / whirl inside whirl, world / within world in John High’s / lush color incantations / hang like moons over the road / of his handwritten words / and their moments of attention / come alive within us as though / we were all nested in each other.” —Forrest Gander, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry and author of Be With.

“Michael Sohn enlaces new meaning into language by interweaving letters with careful attention to their structure. Serifs, thicks and thins of strokes, ascenders and descenders, and the negative spaces of counters repeat in patterns obscuring words’ expected sounds and meanings and highlighting the visual potential of language. Sohn’s project moves past the manipulations of concrete poetry and into the landscape of formal beauty and the plastic arts." —Jaime Robles, author of Hoard and editor / designer of Cobalt Blue: Writings from the Papers of Sam Francis.

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