English Department Awards Ceremony 2017

On Wednesday, May 3, 2017, the English Department held its annual awards ceremony to recognize this year's graduates and this year's winners of the English Department's various awards and prizes.

Beginning this year, the ceremony will be a joint event for the whole Humanities Division. 

Also presented at the ceremony, therefore, were Humanities Division minor awards presented to Africana Studies minor Tatyana DeJean and Gender Studies minors Mark McCook and Hasanna Taitt.

The Foreign Languages & Literature Department presented awards to French minor Donovan Desir and Spanish minor Esmerelda Castro.

The Philosophy Department presented the Philosophy Honor Award to Penelope Triantayllou.

Congratulations to the following English majors and graduate students who completed their degrees this academic year.

September 2016

Cristina Cutrone: English MA; Louis & Ann Parascandola Graduate English Award 2016; Sigma Tau Delta

Danielle Moskowitz: English MA; Sigma Tau Delta

January 2017

Michael Atkinson: Creative Writing MFA

Diane Etienne: English BA, Literature

Julie Lonon: English MA

Angus McLinn: Creative Writing MFA

Rebecca Rimple: English BA, Creative Writing

Michelle Szetela: English MA; Sigma Tau Delta

May 2017

Sarai Arroyo: English BA, Creative Writing

Tatum Crawford: Creative Writing MFA; Sigma Tau Delta

Sam Farhi: Creative Writing MFA

Celina Flores: English BA, Creative Writing

Lydia Flores: Creative Writing MFA; Esther Hyneman Graduate Award in Poetry 2016

Joann Jeannot: English BA, Literature; Sigma Tau Delta

Strawbry Jiles: English MA; Sigma Tau Delta

Belynda Jones: Creative Writing MFA

Sarah Kaplan Gould: Creative Writing MFA; Esther Hyneman Graduate Award in Poetry 2015

Madison Lukosius: English BA, Literature

Keila Matthews: English BA, Literature

Hafeezah Nazim: English BA, Creative Writing

Raquel Pimentel: Creative Writing MFA

Gabrielle Robinson: Creative Writing MFA
Medgine Salim: English MA

This Academic Year's Inductees to Sigma Tau Delta, Omicron Zeta Chapter

Tamanna Afroze
Tatum Crawford
Yu June Lee
Erica Lee Mazewski
Nathalie Meyers
Sarai Rivera Polanco
Patricia June Quintall
Jermaine Richards
Susan Elizabeth Stuart
Jason Wong
Leslie Jo Wrightington

The Edward Edelman and Susanne Popper-Edelman English Essay Prizes

Freshman Composition (English 16): Gennica Uy, "The Dark Truth of Inequality: A World Full of Inequality and Violence," Professor Andrea Libin

Upper Division: Sarai Rivera Polanco, "Inquiring into Identity and Literacy: First Generational Spanish Women," Professor Deborah Mutnick

Senior Thesis in Literature: Karen Zhang, "Feminine Traits and their Spheres," Professor Sealy Gilles

Excellence in English, Undergraduate

Celina Flores

Joann Jeannot
Madison Lukosius
Hafeezah Nazim

Excellence in English, Graduate

Michael Atkinson
Tatum Crawford
Cristina Cutrone
Sam Farhi
Lydia Flores
Sarah Kaplan Gould
Belynda Jones
Julie Lonon
Angus McLinn
Danielle Moskowitz
Raquel Pimentel
Medgine Salim

Louis and Ann Parascandola Graduate Award

Raquel Pimentel

Marilyn Boutwell Graduate Award in Fiction

(The Creative Writing MFA faculty announced at the ceremony that this award, formerly known as the Esther Hyneman Graduate Award in Fiction, has been re-named in memory of Marilyn Boutwell, our former graduate advisor, who died in December 2016.)

Sam Farhi

Esther Hyneman Graduate Award in Poetry

Tatum Crawford


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