Barbara Henning: Reading at KGB Bar

Professor Barbara Henning (English) will read with Hugh Seidman & Burt Kimmelman at KGB Bar April 4th, 2016,  7-9 PM.

85 East 4th Street
NYC 10003

Born in Detroit in 1948, Barbara Henning moved to New York City in 1983 with the father of her children, Allen Saperstein (d. 4/25/1997). She is the mother of Michah Saperstein and LinnĂ©e Snyder, with two grandchildren, Luke and Logan Snyder. In 2005 Barbara moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico briefly and then to Tucson, Arizona where she taught for the University of Arizona and for the Poetry Center, serving on the board of the literary group POG and Chax Press. In 2010 she returned to the East Village in New York City where she is presently living. She’s the author of three novels and nine collections of poetry. A Day Like Today was released in the spring of 2015 by Negative Capability Press. Other recent books include two collections of poetry and prose, A Swift Passage (Quale Press, 2013) and Cities & Memory (Chax Press, 2010); a novel, Thirty Miles to Rosebud (BlazeVox, 2009); a collection of objectsonnets, and My Autobiography (United Artists, 2007). She is also a board member on Belladonna and the author/editor of a book of interviews, Looking Up Harryette Mullen (Belladonna, 2011), and The Selected Prose of Bobbie Louise Hawkins (Blazevox, 2012). For a number of years she published limited editions (108) of a series of 16 photo-poem pamphlets, distributed to a list of poets. The last of this series was published a few years ago, My Animal Eyeball. She is a long-time yoga practitioner, having lived and studied in Mysore, India with Shankaranarayana Jois and she brings this knowledge and discipline to her writing and her teaching at Naropa University (2006-14), and Long Island University in Brooklyn, where she is Professor Emerita.

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