Undergraduate Courses: Fall 2016

Two Bridges: Under Brooklyn Bridge
by Jeffrey Zeldman.
This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License.

These course descriptions are provided by the professors teaching the courses.

Note: There are no advanced English courses being offered in Summer 2016.

For more information, write to them directly. 
Get English Department faculty contact info here.

English Majors — Before you register, make an appointment to meet with Wayne Berninger to review your outstanding requirements. Then register as early as possible to keep courses from being canceled.

Non-Majors — The writing and analytical skills gained in English courses are useful in a variety of professions. Any student may take these courses as general electives. A minor in English (four courses 100 or above) will satisfy the Distribution Requirement for any major. For more information, make an appointment to meet with Wayne Berninger.

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