Tina Barry: Readings from Mall Flower

Come hear Tina Barry, LIU MFA graduate, read from Mall Flower, her newly released, first book of poetry and short fiction, at the Inquiring Minds Book Store in Saugerties, NY (corner of Main and Partition). Saugarties is a 2 hour drive from NYC, or Trailways bus ride from Port Authority. The date is 12/19 at 3 pm.  Sugarties and the neighboring towns in Upstate NY, is a beautiful place to spend a day or two, full of great bookstores, restaurants and stunning scenery.

Jessica Hagedorn said Mall Flower “shimmers with delicate and gritty insights.”

Poet Joanna Fuhrman says, “Tina Barry is a master of the image that packs it all in: social commentary, pathos, humor, you name it.”

Short story writer Jen Knox, says,  “With a sort of precision and attention most poets would reserve for the mapping of a butterfly wing, Barry dedicates both her short fictions and poems to something equally perplexing and full of beautiful angles and confusing symbols - she points the magnifying glass so that it reflects the sun against the sheen of plastic, the semi-precious, the hair-sprayed, fast-food fed realities that usher many of us into and out of days, years, and even decades of
longing for genuine connections.”

Any questions, call Tina at 646-925-0281, or send an email to


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