Patrick Horrigan: Messages for Gary

LIU Brooklyn's Performing Arts Department Theatre Program presents MESSAGES FOR GARYby Patrick E. Horrigan (English Department, LIU Brooklyn),
directed by Iris Rose.

This absorbing one-act play documents the true-life story of a young political activist and writer named Gary Lucek.  For unknown reasons, from 1987 until 1991 Gary saved all of his incoming answering machine tapes. Horrigan transcribed those tapes word for word (15 tapes in total, amounting to 18 hours of messages), and shaped them into this one-act play, which tells the story of Gary's life in silhouette. Through the ordinary voices of everyday people, the play chronicles the dawning of AIDS activism, the changing tides of local and national politics, as well as the often tangled lives of Gary's family, friends, lovers, and acquaintances. 
MESSAGES FOR GARY is both an intimate portrait of a unique individual and a devastating commentary on the struggle to find humanity in an increasingly alienated world. More than just a time capsule of the late 80s and early 90s, MESSAGES FOR GARY is a meditation on technology and its impact on the way we talk, listen, and care for each other.

MESSAGES FOR GARY was a commercial and critical hit when it was first produced as part of the 1999 New York International Fringe Festival.  This new production, with a wonderful cast of LIU-Brooklyn student actors, is the first revival in over 16 years.
Student actors include Chris Burgess, Morgan Hotchkiss, Winchelle Jean-Pierre, Kyle Petrshin, Samantha Samant, Alexander Simon, Aidan Wallace, and Andrew Williams.

November 17-21, 2015 @ 7PM.
The Barbara and Melvin Pasternack Little Theatre (Humanities Building, Room H608).

Tickets are $5 each.

Email Valerie Cardinal at to reserve seats.

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