Film Screening & Poetry Reading by Stephanie Gray

Stephanie Gray (Creative Writing MFA, 2010) invites you to attend...


Shot and projected on Super 8mm film with the live poetry of Stephanie Gray

Monday, February 17th 2014  - Doors at 7PM, Screening at 7:30PM.

at the Center for Performance Research, 361 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11211

$6 suggested donation

MONO NO AWARE presents recent works by Stephanie Gray on February 17 to launch our CONNECTIVITY THROUGH CINEMA screening series. Gray’s films are visual translations for a city that speaks in varying forms of architecture, typography in advertising, graffiti, reflective surfaces, and the evidence of human occupation.  Her relationship with New York is intimate, and her ability to capture the subtle whispers amidst the chaos allows one to see the invisible.  Join us for an intimate screening presentation of recent works by Gray presented with live poetry readings.

Among the works being shown are several city-symphonic works about a former hometown, Buffalo, NY; a film of a certain vanishing Coney Island; pockets of mysterious places in lower Manhattan; and atmospheric and wind-driven portraits of streetscapes in Queens and Chinatown locations.  Her work is motivated by a sort of philosophical conversation with the city, “even if I don’t always know what it means or what it is, but the filming makes sense of it in a kind of magic way. The city speaks and makes meaning, of both the past, present and future and where do memories fit in?” – S.G.

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Boog City Preview, pg 8:

Screening program includes: Seeing Thru Buffalo(s) (Super 8mm, color/b&w, 12min 45 sec, live reading)  Also Known As (Super 8mm, color, 3min, live reading) Balloons Tied (up) Your Sky (Super 8mm, b&w, 11min 30 sec, live reading) Caught in Your Flickering Weather (Super 8mm, color/b&w, 11min, live reading) SOMEDAY Behind Coney Island (Super 8mm, color/b&w, 11 min, live reading) What You Thought You Knew / What You Knew You Thought (Super 8mm, Ektachrome color, 3 min, silent)

Total running time, 52 minutes.  Additional time for discussion / Q & A with the artist.

ON CONNECTIVITY THROUGH CINEMA: The CONNECTIVITY THROUGH CINEMA series will present the work of artists, film-makers and curators who are traveling or presenting special interactive programs in-person. Our hope is to engage the community by showing work with a focus on post-screening discussion and audience participation.

ABOUT MONO NO AWARE : Founded in 2007, MONO NO AWARE is a cinema arts non-profit based in Brooklyn New York with the mission that shares title to this screening series CONNECTIVITY THROUGH CINEMA. The organization leads an educational initiative of analog filmmaking workshops year round, equipment rental program, seasonal field trips, monthly screenings, lectures, and an annual exhibition of expanded cinema, performance and sculpture each December.

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