Edwidge Danticat Scheduled to Deliver This Year's Paumanok Lecture; English Department Offers 1-Credit Course About Her Work

Hum 203 / Eng 203 (1 credit)
Starting From Paumanok:
Edwidge Danticat

Spring 2014
Instructor: Dr. Maria McGarrity

Description: This course will examine the writings of Edwidge Danticat. We will investigate the creative methods, cultural contexts, and historical resonances in her works. We will focus on the short stories of Krik?Krak!; her new collection, Claire of the Sea Light; and her novel, The Farming of Bones. This novel details the horrors of the 1937 massacre of Haitians living in the Dominican Republic. Questions of colonialism, race, gender, migration, and power will be at the forefront of our discussions. We will also read excerpts of her non-fiction writing, particularly focusing on migration and the earthquake.


3 short response papers (2 pgs) on each book
1 longer analytical paper on a broader topic relating to Danticat (6 pgs)


4 Class meetings (all Tuesdays)

February 11, 6-8:30 Intro and Krik? Krak!

February 25, 6:30-? Reading by Edwidge Danticat

March 4, 6-8:30 The Farming of Bones

March 11, 6-8:30 Claire of the Sea Light

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