Films & Readings by Stephanie Gray

Saturday, May 11, 8pm
At: Millennium Film Workshop, 66 E 4th St (bet Bowery & 2nd Ave)

"Super 8 Live & in Person with Katrina del Mar & Stephanie Gray: Portraits of People & Places"
An evening of super 8 works, screened on real film by artists Katrina del Mar & Stephanie Gray. Whether through an iconography of the city, queerness, or grrl culture, both show an attention to photographic detail of a unique type that can only be captured with the intimacy of super 8, whether black/none, color, handprocessed or edited in camera. Expect images of lesbian icons (both real & fictional), 90s grrl culture, mysterious portraits of the city and urban folk, and an overall eye for the hidden beauty of people and places that often go unseen. (Gray will present first, then intermission, then del Mar.)

Millennium website:
Admission: $8/$5 members (by contribution)

"Katrina del Mar: Super 8 Portraits + Raw Reels"
del Mar will show a selection of a recent super 8 portraits series including an urban surfer, a dyke motorcycle racer, lesbian writer Eileen Myles, & raw reels, some rarely seen, of her cult fave grrl gang movies of the late 90s.
"Simon: Portrait of an Urban Surfer" (6 min, b&w, sound) Simon plays upright bass and surfs at Rockaway Beach.
"Kara: Portrait of a Motorcycle Racer" (3 min, b&w, sound) Kara races a vintage triumph motorcycle on a flat track in upstate New York.
"Eileen: Portrait of a Writer" (3 min, b&w, sound) Poet-novelist Eileen Myles writes and reads from a tiny notebook one late summer day in Wellfleet, Mass.
"Raw Reels" (approx 25 min, b&w/color, no sound) When shooting Gang Girls 2000 in 1999, del Mar shot a roughly ten-to-one ratio of what wound up in the 25 minute final film. A reel or two will be chosen at random from the other 3.5 hours worth of pure late-90’s eye candy: the hottest girls of the Lower East Side and Brooklyn, pretending to be in our own version of Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill!

"Stephanie Gray: Queer Pop Culturing + City Portraits"
Filmmaker-poet Gray will show a selection of urban portraits that show the puzzling unknown of the city including the now closed Magic Shoes in the Village + mysterious iconography of the city. She will show a selection of her queer portraits (some subjective) of pop culture icons such as Kristy McNichol, Joan of Arc and Laverne & Shirley. Some films will be accompanied by live reading / experimental soundtracks.
"Magic Couldn’t Save Magic Shoes" (7 min, color/b&w, 2011) Magic closed in ‘08 after being in biz since ‘79. No one did handwritten labels like them. When I finally had extra money to buy more Converse, which is mostly all I wear, thinking they’d still be around, even after I filmed it, it was gone. I shot this in Magic’s last week.
"Satanic Bible on Interlibrary Loan" (9 min, b/w, 2011) The title is a true situation that occurred when I was 15. I was an ardent metal head as a teen. A little while back, I was asked to write a poem for a poetry mag issue with the theme of the occult. The words and then the images, came together, and it all makes sense.
"Kristy" (7 min, handprocessed b/w, sound, 2003) Digging deep to find Kristy, the only working class girl at a girls’ summer camp in cult classic Little Darlings A faint recognizable 80s hit song is played with skips at the slowest speed. (She’s out now, you know, right?)
"Dear Joan" (3 min handprocessed b/w, live narration, 1999) A film letter to this heroine as the filmmaker laments the lack of public knowledge of Joan's real identity, ending in a hissyfit at the library.
"Never Heard the Word Impossible" (7 min, sound, b/w, 2007) This work uses images from Laverne & Shirley remixed through video layers. What did the L really stand for? All sound is distorted from the theme song.
"I Can’t Stop Thinking About Eileen Myles’ School of Fish Poem" (3 min, color, live narration, 2002) The filmmaker keeps hearing lines from the poem. The images are inspired visual thoughts of Eileen's poem.
+ one surprise super recent 3 min film!

Tuesday, May 14, 7:30

Triptych presents
a special 3-1 =
last reading of the season

Reading + super 8 film screening

At: Envoy Enterprises
87 Rivington (bet Orchard & Ludlow)


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