Our Condolences to the Longtin Family

Dr. Ray C. Longtin, who retired from Long Island University in 1980, passed away last week.

Ray C. Longtin’s career at LIU began when the university expanded from 250 to 5,000 students as a result of the G.I. Bill of Rights for Veterans following WW II. As a member of the English Department, he specialized in American literature, having earned his Ph. D in that area. He was an outstanding teacher as testified to by the students who stayed in touch with him long after they graduated. A good many went on to productive careers as college professors and scholars. Others enjoyed success as lawyers and in various professions, but all who studied under him professed a great indebtedness to Dr. Longtin. Many continued to correspond with him long after his retirement. At an English Department reunion last year, he was the name most mentioned with admiration by former students. When he became a dean at LIU, he displayed those qualities that had made him an exceptional teacher: honesty, dedication, and wisdom. He has been gone from LIU for a long time, but all those he worked with and kept in touch with will miss him greatly.

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