Patrick Horrigan: Actors With Accents

Professor Patrick E. Horrigan (English) and co-host Eduardo Leanez invite you to the next evening of


An evening of monologues, scenes, songs, comedy, drama, and wall-to-wall accents.

Friday, October 6, 2017 @ 7PM

Teatro SEA
107 Suffolk St.

Admission is FREE but donations are always welcome.


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Deborah Mutnick: Humanities New York Grant Recipient

Professor Deborah Mutnick (English) has been awarded an action grant from Humanities New York for the Souls of Lefferts Community Writing / Publishing Project.

Here's an overview of the project:

Souls of Lefferts combines black-and-white photographs with life stories of subjects documenting rapid change in a Brooklyn neighborhood. Prospect Lefferts Gardens' working-class, multiracial, predominantly immigrant West Indian community is threatened by unfettered, high-rise development, rising rents and prices, and gentrification by new, mostly white commercial and residential tenants. This process of gentrification was already underway when Courtney Mooney started photographing Prospect Lefferts Gardens (PLG) residents in 2015. Joined by Deborah Mutnick in early 2016, the project has so far produced hundreds of photos and more than a dozen oral histories. It has involved LIU Brooklyn students in interviewing, transcribing, and writing narratives. Most recently, students participated in the first round of community publishing, working with PLG residents to publish their writing. Two new series of community writing workshops will be held in the community in fall 2017 and spring 2018 culminating in the production of two more booklets to be archived in the Brooklyn Collection at the Brooklyn Public Library.

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Introducing LIU Brooklyn CUSP (Campus-Community Urban Sustainability Program)

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Howard Pflanzer: Poetry Reading

Howard Pflanzer, formerly an adjunct professor in the LIU Brooklyn English Department, and a longtime contributor to the department's literary magazine, Downtown Brooklyn, will be reading with three other poets in the Brownstone Poets series on Saturday, September 16, 2017, at 2:30PM, at the Park Plaza Restaurant 220 Cadman Plaza West in Brooklyn Heights. 

Betsy Hall: Professional Development News

Oxford University Press has invited Professor Betsy Hall (English Department; Assistant Director of the Writing Program ) to review Arguing the Case (Garon Scott, managing editor) pre-publication.

Also, in October 2017, Hall will serve on the proposal review committee for the upcoming 37th Annual Conference on The First-Year Experience to be held in San Antonio, Texas, February 10-13, 2018.

John High: Book Launch Party & Reading in Paris

Professor John High (English Department & Creative Writing MFA Program) is on sabbatical during the 2017-18 academic year. We are pleased to announce that there will be a book launch party and reading in Paris on September 8, 2017, for his new book of poems, vanishing acts

Downtown Brooklyn: A Journal of Writing

the latest issue

We are pleased to announce the publication of Issue #26! This is the first issue to appear in the form of a Tumblr blog (no print, no PDF)...

Read Issue #26

previous online issues

In 2014, budget cuts at the university forced us to abandon print and begin publishing the magazine online. Therefore, Issues #23-25 are available only in PDF via the following links.

Read Issue #25

Read Issue #24

Read Issue #23

back issues in print

Issues #1-22 are available for reading in the periodicals collection of the LIU Brooklyn Library (they cannot be checked out). 

A limited number of free copies of some of these issues may be available from the Editor. See Wayne Berninger in Humanities 454.

Issues #1-22 are also available for study in the Little Magazine Collection at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

writing assignments from the editor

Visit our Facebook page for a steady stream of tongue-in-cheek (or are they?) "writing assignments."

about the magazine

The university environment exposes us to a variety of personalities and ideas, but on a primarily commuter campus, it's easy to feel alienated from each other and from the overall campus culture. It's difficult to take advantage of what your campus has to offer if you always have to rush straight to the subway after class. It's hard enough just to get to class on time, let alone find out that the person next to you in the elevator is a great writer. But who knows?

The person sitting behind you in class might be your future favorite novelist or the next [insert name of favorite poet]. If you aren't tuned in to what other people are doing on campus, you're really missing out.

The literary magazine of the English Department at LIU Brooklyn, Downtown Brooklyn: A Journal of Writing (ISSN 1536-8475) was founded in 1992 to showcase poetry and literary prose by writers at LIU Brooklyn. One issue has appeared every year since 1992. The magazine showcases a wide variety of work (in traditional forms as well as more experimental styles) by undergrads; grad students; alumni; current and former faculty; and administrative, clerical and other staff from across the Campus—not only from English. Our aesthetic is eclectic. Our mission is to promote not any particular style but all the different kinds of writing being created on campus.

Watch this blog for the next call for submissions and for news about the publication of each new issue.

Katrinka Moore at NYC Poetry Festival

Katrinka Moore, alum (MA, Teaching of Writing) and former adjunct professor in the LIU Brooklyn English Department, is reading on Saturday, July 29, 2017. Info.