Daniel Owen: Furniture Press Poetry Prize

Sandra Simonds' pick for the 5th Annual Furniture Press Poetry Prize is Restaurant Samsara by Creative Writing MFA alum Daniel Owen.

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Sam Farhi: New Film

Sam Farhi, an alum of the Creative Writing MFA program, has written a short film commissioned by Adidas and directed by Daniel Arsham and Ben Nicholas. 

Hourglass - Present is the second chapter of a film series commissioned by adidas Originals to accompany an ongoing collaboration with Daniel Arsham. Films that explore the life and thoughts of Daniel Arsham through alienation, discovery & archaeology. The screenplay was written by Sam Farhi, Ben Nicholas and Daniel Arsham. 

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Creative Writing MFA Program: Student / Faculty Reading

Reading by Students in Professor Barbara Henning's ENG 165 Poetry Writing Workshop

Creative Writing MFA Program Master Class Series: Anne Waldman and Lynne Tillman

WRITE NOW: Prescriptions for the Anthropocene: A Master Class in Poetry with Anne Waldman (December 2)

"This is an extraordinary time for writers as we face an expanding universe and our planet struggles with the destructive carbon footprint of the human. We will consider the rhizome of our interconnectedness, and find generative ways to write through chaos and negativity.This is a poetry/hybrid workshop for all curious writers. We will immerse ourselves in “experiments of attention” engaging memory, dream, documentary poetics, 
agit prop, erasure, cut-up, performance, and collaboration. We will cross genres and genders of possibility.And the linguistic possibility of shifting identity and focus.Inspiration and reference will be given to modernist, and post-mod contemporary writers associated with the Outrider tradition. We will discuss archive, artistic-community, the 100 year
 project and what it means to be contemporary with one’s time. Writing, discussion, critique."

Simple, Complex, Straightforward, Fragmented: Stories Are Made of Words: A Master Class in Fiction with Lynne Tillman (December 2)

"This intensive workshop will concentrate on the elements that go into making a narrative. My emphasis is always on language and syntax, that is, style, tone, the shaping of a story -- what comes when and why --- and how to write with economy.  When is more actually less, and when should less be more, and etc. Deciding what to include or exclude is key to writing a story. Any story. As a group, we will ponder these questions, and your particular questions, to find ways to better our writing."

Saturday, December 2, 2017
11AM - 5PM
Media Arts Lounge, 2nd Floor Humanities Building
Long Island University
1 University Plaza, Brooklyn NY 11201

Lunch will be served.

Each workshop costs $200. To register, please send us a short cover letter describing your experiences with writing Poetry/Fiction, and a writing sample of 3-5 pages to masterclass.liubrooklyn@gmail.com. Seats are limited.​

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Roundtable on Jonathan Haynes's Book Nollywood: The Creation of Nigerian Film Genres

On November 18, 2017, there will be a roundtable discussion of Professor Jonathan Haynes's book Nollywood: The Creation of Nigerian Film Genres, at the 60th annual meeting of the African Studies Association. This year's conference is entitled "Institutions: Creativity and Resilience in Africa" and will be in Chicago.

Creative Writing MFA Program Presents: One-Day Master Class Workshops in Poetry and Fiction

The Creative Writing MFA Program in the LIU Brooklyn English Department is hosting two one-day workshops in poetry and fiction on Saturday, November 18 and Saturday, December 2, with Gregory Pardlo and Hirsh Sawhney and Anne Waldman and Lynne Tillman. There is a fee. Proceeds will help support MFA students in the Creative Writing Program. 

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