English Department Mission Statement

At LIU Brooklyn, all of the branches of English studies — literary history and theory, criticism, analytical writing, rhetoric, professional writing and creative writing — are interrelated. The English Department sees textual and interpretive skills as crucial to the exercise of global citizenship and to the functioning of a pluralistic, democratic society. To further these ends, the students and faculty in the English Department commit themselves to the critical analysis of texts and to the honest and precise articulation of ideas and values in various discourses. The rigorous study of literary and cultural texts — both from the traditional canon and from traditions historically excluded from academic study — is at the center of our work. Thus, areas of study range from British, Continental and American literatures, to the literatures of broader global communities, to works emerging from cultures such as African-American, Native-American, Asian, Caribbean, Latino, Irish, working-class, and lesbian and gay.

We train our students to become knowledgeable, reflective, and articulate participants in the vital conversations of our culture. Such participation is practiced through coursework in cultural criticism, literary analysis, rhetoric, ethnographic writing, and professional writing. Finally, in the undergraduate creative writing concentration and in the Creative Writing MFA program, the English Department offers courses in poetry, fiction, playwriting, screenwriting and creative non-fiction. The various degree programs in English thus constitutes an excellent foundation for the development and exercise of the creative and critical faculties and for productive involvements in culture, society and the professions.

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