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There are two ways for undergraduates to transfer credits from another institution to LIU Brooklyn.

1) If you are a transfer student, you may be able to transfer credits earned at another institution to LIU Brooklyn.

Admissions may grant credit for some LIU Brooklyn courses. Other transfer credits may be listed as NE, which stands for "Not Equivalent." This simply means that based on the limited information appearing on your transcript, the Admissions Counselor is unable to tell whether those courses are equivalent to particular LIU Brooklyn courses.

If you have transfer credits marked NE, you should set up an appointment with the Department Chair of the respective department, and request that he/she evaluate the credits. Take with you a copy of the course description from your previous institution's catalog and, if possible, a copy of the course syllabus. If the Department Chair approves your request, he/she should write a memo to the appropriate Dean requesting that the transfer credits be accepted in lieu of particular LIU Brooklyn courses. The Dean, not the Department Chair, grants this permission and forwards a copy of the memo with his/her signature to the Registrar. Make sure you get a copy of the signed memo to keep, and give a copy to your advisor.

For evaluation of transfer credits in English, contact the English Department's Undergraduate Advisor. 

2) Matriculated students at LIU Brooklyn may also take courses at another institution and have credits transferred to LIU Brooklyn under the following conditions.

The other institution must be a four-year accredited institution (two-year community colleges are unacceptable.).

The institution must not be within a fifty-mile radius of LIU Brooklyn (except as noted).

Students may be permitted to take specialized courses not offered at LIU Brooklyn (e.g., Japanese, a course in Graham dance technique, Medieval stained glass windows).

Students are not permitted to take courses at another institution that are offered at LIU Brooklyn during the term requested or that will be offered during the student's expected matriculation at LIU Brooklyn.

Students must file an Application to Take Courses at Another Institution (available in the Dean's Office, M306) with the Registrar. Students must have the relevant Department Chair verify LIU Brooklyn equivalency and sign the form. The Dean must then grant permission.

Only credits for courses in which you earned C or better may be transferred back to LIU Brooklyn.

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