Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Full-Time Faculty Office Hours, Spring 2015

If this post has not yet been updated to the current semester, or if your instructor or his/her hours are not listed here, call the English Department front desk at 718-488-1050.
Usually, this list will be fully updated to the current semester by the end of the second week of classes.

Faculty Contacts (Full-Time Faculty & Administrators)

Carol Allen Before Spring Break: TTh 4:30-5:30. Also by appointment. After Spring Break: T 11-12. Th 4:30-5:30.
Melissa Antinori (Pratt 310) TTh 1:30-3. Also by appointment.

Michael Bennett On academic leave.

Wayne Berninger TThF 9-12. TThF 1-4.

Michael Bokor MW 9-9:50. MW 2:30-3:30. Also by appointment.

Marilyn Boutwell MW 11-4. TTh 11-1:30. TTh 4:15-5. Friday by appointment only.

Leah Dilworth
MWF 9-10. MWF 11-12. W 1-3. Also by appointment.

Sealy Gilles
MW 1-2. W 5-6.

Jessica Hagedorn
MW by appointment.

Lynn Hassan
MTWThF by appointment.

Jonathan Haynes
MW 12:30-1:30. Also by appointment.

John High
T 12-3. MW by appointment.

Patrick Horrigan
TTh 11-12. W 5-6. Also by appointment.

John Killoran
MW 11-11:45. MW 1:30-2:45. Also by appointment.

Donald McCrary TTh 11-12. TTh by appointment. T 3-4.

Maria McGarrity
MW 1-1:30. MW 4:15-4:45. Also by appointment.

Charles Matz
TTh 9-9:30. TTh 11-11:59. Also by appointment.

Deborah Mutnick
On sabbatical.

Louis Parascandola
MW 2-3. MW 5-6.

Robert Pattison
MW 9-10. MW 11:30-12. Also by appointment.

Bernard Schweizer
TTh 11-12. TTh 1:30-3.

Michael Sohn
MW 4:15-5:15. T 11-4. Also by appointment.

Patricia Stephens
M 9-10. T 4-5:30. Th by appointment.

Srividhya Swaminathan
MW 12-1. T 1-3.

Lewis Warsh
T 11-1:30. T 3-4. Th 11-1:30.

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