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The English Department maintains a vibrant presence online with its blog and several social media channels, all of which are managed by Wayne Berninger.

Our main Facebook page isn't as busy as the Downtown Brooklyn page (see below). It's mainly links to posts on our two blogs. But we encourage comments and conversation.

Downtown Brooklyn is the literary magazine of the English Department. On this Facebook page, you will find a gallery of our past covers, links to online issues, and a steady stream of tongue-in-cheek (or are they?) "writing-assignments."

Our Twitter stream is filled with links that readers and writers and students of the humanities should find interesting, as well as reminders about English Department events.

Follow our Tumblr -- what do English majors know? -- for a series of cool photos, each accompanied by deep thoughts about the reading and writing life.

We use Pinterest to archive links to a wide variety of articles that should be of interest to students of writing, literature, and the humanities.

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